Planned Features

The following features will be included in future Plutonium updates. The list is ordered roughly by feature importance/priority. However, please note that there's no ETA on any of those.

  • Advanced bot AI suitable for training or script tinkering
  • Advanced autocomplete for SP and MP consoles as well as a more basic implementation for the dedicated server console
  • New weapons and levels for MP ported from singleplayer or previous CoD titles
  • Custom UI for singleplayer
  • Lua game scripts for singleplayer
  • Public matchmaking
  • Game database/online backend API for Lua game scripts
  • Full GSC modding support
  • Maxclients - support for more than 18 players in the game
  • Custom localization - all Pluto strings will be translated to all languages IW5 has been released in
Last updated on 28th Oct 2017