Current Features

The following is a list of most of the new features our client adds to the game. Click on a feature to proceed to the revelant docs (if there's no link yet, it'll be added soon).

  • Custom UI system for MP

  • An external Lua-based modding library that allows interaction with the native script system of IW5 (GSC), maintained by @DecadeDelta and @Apacrathon. Docs and example scripts will be released soon.

  • In-game Quake-style console restored

  • Full RCon support & B3 support

  • IW5MVM by luckyy

  • A new ban/player info system

  • Custom clan tags/titles

  • Dedicated servers restart automatically in case of a crash

  • Basic private match support

  • Useful game-control dvars such as jump_height, g_speed etc

  • Lagometer and the FPS counter

  • Various game commands re-added: give, take, god, noclip, etc

  • Proper slowmo support for dedicated servers

  • CoD4-style map rotation controlled by sv_mapRotation

  • Force akimbo for any weapon

  • killme command

  • sv_minPing, sv_maxPing

  • sv_nukeNumKills

Last updated on 28th Oct 2017